Principal's Message
Winslow Township Elementary School #4 offers expansive educational opportunities to our diverse population of over 500 students in Preschool to 3rd grade. Our programs have been developed to reflect our nation’s educational goals and the NJ Learning Standards. In order to meet these goals, we support our teachers with professional development opportunities and the use of appropriate instructional materials.

Winslow Township Elementary School #4’s balanced literacy program is delivered with an emphasis on Guided Reading and Writer’s Workshop. It includes the use of leveled fiction and non-fiction books suited to meet the needs of all students. The strategies used in our classrooms help students build reading stamina and find “good fit” books to strengthen their love of reading. Reading incentive programs designed to encourage reading for personal enjoyment are also utilized throughout the year.

Winslow Township Elementary School #4 strives to maintain effective programs and to continuously improve the quality of instruction to create a foundation for our students to become successful, lifelong learners. Thus, we continue a multi-tiered approach to instruction within our building. This multi-tiered approach to instruction allows us to provide enrichment, services and/or interventions to all learners as needed using universal screenings; high quality instruction; interventions matched to student need; bi-weekly progress monitoring; as well as the use of data from DIBELS, DRA2, Fountas and Pinnell, Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) and more to make sound educational decisions. We at Winslow Township Elementary School #4 believe that early intervention is more effective than later remediation.

The staff at Winslow Township Elementary School #4 realizes that promoting and encouraging learning must be accomplished by any avenue possible. Therefore, we have worked diligently to infuse educational technology. We have increased our use of iPads and Chromebooks as a means of increasing students’ interest in learning. Through this effort, we have seen a tremendous increase in the students’ ability to take what they have learned in the classroom a step further by applying the lessons learned both visually and technologically.

Critical and creative thinking, along with problem solving skills are developed in our math and science programs. Included are many opportunities for hands-on learning through the use of manipulatives. The Winslow Township School District utilizes McGraw-Hill’s research-based and field-tested Everyday Mathematics 4 program, a comprehensive Pre-K through grade 6 mathematics program developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project.

Our Social Studies and Character Education programs emphasize respect, responsibility, keeping calm, and being your BEST. These qualities are put into daily practice in order to mold our students into model citizens. Our Winslow Township Elementary School #4 building-wide theme revolves around the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids, by Carol McCloud.  The book explains to children that we all carry an invisible bucket in which we keep our feelings about ourselves.  When our buckets are full, we are happy; when they are empty, we are sad.  It's important to know that we can fill our own bucket and so can others.  We can also dip into it.  You can read more about this message at

The dedicated and talented staff here at Winslow Township Elementary School #4 also provide numerous supplemental and special programs to meet the various educational needs of our students. These programs include: Gifted and Talented and English as a Second Language (ESL). Students also attend weekly classes in Music, Library, Physical Education, Art, and Computers. We at Winslow Township Elementary School #4 have the aspiration and dedication to partner with our parents and community members to develop our students into lifelong learners. Our goal is to provide our students with a comprehensive social and academic foundation which will empower them to reach their full potential in this ever-changing world.

Respectfully submitted,

Sheresa S. Clement,

Winslow Township Elementary School #4, Principal